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Company Introduction

Transound Electronics Co.,Ltd. (Transound) is a foreign investment enterprise that specializes in producing all kinds of microphones,miniature speakers and receivers, and other coreelectroacoustic components.Established in 2000 and headquartered in Dongguan –a city of Guangdong province in China and famously known as the manufacturing capital of the world–the headquarterscovers 20,000 square meters and employs more than 1,000 staff.With a monthly capacity of up to 40million units,Transound can meet the needs of different high-tech electroacoustic products, covering broadcasting systems, communications and other fields which need electricity-sound transforming and Hi-Fi transmitting technology.

Transound is an electroacoustic technology company whose backbone is made up ofelectret condenser and semiconductor experts. Our main engineers and technicians have been engaged in developing microphone cartridges for more than 20 years; they have rich practical experience and strong research abilities, having published many articles in acoustics magazines and obtained a number of technical patents over the years.

  • In 2000,Transound pioneered the making and popularization of black plate electret condenser microphone (ECM) cartridges and its core material of back plate technic, which helped evolve the domestic electret condenser industry to a new position.
  • In 2001,Transound succeeded in developing a professional unidirectional ECM cartridge, which significantly improved electret’s application for broadcasting systems.
  • In 2007,Transound released digital ECMs and array microphones,making the company the leader in ECM with full digital.
  • In 2008,Transound was honored as a High and New-Technology Enterprise (HNTE) and received a number of recognitions.

Transound provides a one-stop solution to our customers by assuring the best quality and service. Our products include corecomponents that are applied widely in both modern high-tech productsand acoustic products, forexample:

  • Broadcastingprofessionalmicrophones, mobile phones, digital cameras, telephones, walkie-talkies,laptops,MP3, PAD, Bluetooth, security equipment, etc.
  • Recorders, audiphones, headset transducers,voice-controlled toys, TV and broadcasting systems, etc.

All of Transound’s acoustic products are manufactured in cleanrooms equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment from Europe.The company utilizes automated or semi-automated production according to IOS9001, IOS 14001, IECQ QC08000and IATF 16949 standards to guarantee premiumquality.

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